Zombie Army 4: A Halloween Gaming Experience

With Halloween just around the corner, many game retailers are selling Halloween game bundles at very good prices. One of the popular games in these bundles in Zombie Army 4, which is now available to pre-order for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

There will be many new gameplay scenarios, following on from the current Zombie Army Trilogy. It will be the player’s mission to uncover a plan and set off on a mission across Italy. There are various memorable scenes, including a zombie zoo, and many others to explore. There are new modes to explore, including Horde Mode. The longer the player survives in the game, the bigger the map becomes, so there’s more to explore. That is, if players don’t become part of the living dead instead.

Zombie Army 4 will be released in February 2020 – Halloween is a great time to get an order in early for the latest instalment in the award-winning series.