Dance with the Dead – The Shape

Fans of Electro-Rock will love this album, and like all music of this genre you can’t play it on low volume and kick back; this has to be cranked up to as loud as it gets to really be appreciated (You could even frustrate the neighbours and plug it into an amp if you have one).

Fresh Music released on 6th of February 2016 with 10 tracks, it’s one not to be missed; check out the visual art of the album also, it’s totally rad.

The tracks in the album are:

01: There’s a Storm Coming
02: Eyes of Madness
03: Her Ghost
04: Screams and Whispers
05: Adrift
06: Riot
07: Horizon
08: Diabolic
09: Watching You
10: Quietly into the Night

You can buy this online and get AutoRip, or just view it for free via YouTube; if you can get this on HD that’s even better.

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