Dirty Bomb: Declining fast

I hate to see a game receive poor support from the development team behind it. Splash Damage, the team behind games like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Brink, the upcoming Gears of War remaster to name but a few, have dedicated a small amount of people to maintain Dirty Bomb while the rest of the team works on other projects. It is a shame; given the potential that Dirty Bomb has shown, and the players that it has attracted, to see it flounder in such a state.
Free cases to entice players back was a sign of desperation. There are hackers and cheats in a number of games and with no easy way to report players (especially given the game is free and easy to download) players are leaving the game in droves due to the poor support from the team. It is a massive shame, but it is difficult to defend the team when they leave a good project to its own devices. If the player base continues to drop then no matter what they do, the game won’t recover.