IMVU Social Chat (Not An MMO)

If you are looking for a more in-depth Social Experience, more than an actual game experience, then IMVU is the online Social option for you. The platform allows you to have a variety of different customisations for your 3D avatars; you can literally create your own styles for clothes, design your own rooms, and even browse from an online catalogue that has over four million items. Once you’re all set up and have something that first you, you can interact with millions of different people from all over the world and have the opportunity to make friends and maybe even find your special someone there too.

Please be aware that they offer a free service when you join, but what you get out the box is pretty basic and drab. Don’t be deterred by this, as they are still a company and have to make money somehow, so you will have to spend a little something to get what you want from it, but be smart.

There are other social platforms out there that are also games, like Planet Arkadia, Planet Calypso, and the most famous Second Life. The first two are not technically games, they are a mercenary type of platform where you apparently can make lots of money, but both of the systems have been rigged so you will spend more than you can ever make back as every action taken will cost real-world money; the social aspect is not that great either as they are still relatively new systems that are based around a SciFi theme. With Second Life, there are mixed reviews and often there will be reviews that try to paint a good picture and drown out the previous reviews; from what is understood from researching the game, is that is more about making money from users and exploiting noobs in-game more than anything else. It is a good place to have a second life and make new friends, but you as a new player against old time players are taking a huge risk, as some of those types may have no life in real life and will seek to exploit you to get information they can use to stalk you online and steal from you in real life; just be careful if you do decide to play Second Life.

So overall as a Social Platform, IMVU is the better choice, albeit it somewhat graphics heavy so you need a decent spec computer system to play it.