Independent Video Games are Becoming More Popular than Ever

Independent games are games that are developed without financial support from a video game publisher. They are usually created by individuals or small teams and some people can make quite a name for themselves through independent development. It’s always a risky business but actually, independent games have a good audience.

Games are now distributed via many popular gaming networks, like Stream, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Nintendo has also taken steps to really push independent games for their Switch console and has announced that 60 new indie games will be released for it in 2017. The announcement is interesting for the Switch console and reflects Nintendo’s desire to make it cool, quirky and really creative.

There have also been many man good indie games made for PCs and other consoles over the last few years. Titles have included titles like Rime, Cave Story, Spelunky and Owlboy. PC tends to be the most popular as it is the cheapest to develop for but all consoles are now seeing their fair share of indie games.