The Klaxons are Back!

It’s been a long wait, but finally after more than 5 years, the Klaxons are back with a song, and back with a bang. Their new song recently had its first play on Radio One and it’s called Flashover. It is set to be officially released in March, along with its official music video.

The Klaxons had their fair few big hits, and they won the Mercury prize in 2007 for their album Myths of the Near Future. If you were a Klaxons fan then the news probably will not come as a huge surprise to you, especially if you’ve been watching their development closely.

They certainly have a lot to live up to having been away for or quite some time, but so far the feedback seems to be mainly positive, and it doesn’t seem as though they have changed their style, which many people thought would be the case when they finally returned .