Amiibos: This year’s surprise

Pokemon, Skylanders, Ben 10, Peppa Pig, Into The Night Garden; the world of children’s toys can be a real minefield for parents and prospective buyers. Trends change all the time, new toys are released and kids catch wind of all manner of toys and games long before the rest of us even catch on! Thanks to the internet our kids are far more tuned into the world of toys in retail than ever before.

This time, though, you might be able to get one step ahead! Nintendo, the company behind Pokemon and Mario, have released their own lines of toys that interact with all of their new games. The toys themselves are of a good quality and there’s a lot of extremely recognisable characters; Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Pikachu to name just a few, with many more of your favourites joining the roster.

Every Nintendo game released from now on will support these figures, and they retail for about £15 or $15.