Mirror’s Edge: First person parkour with a hint of style

It takes a huge amount of confidence in a videogame product to debut with a trailer that opens with a black screen, white font which reads “The following is all in game footage.” People use smoke and mirrors, CGI and target renders to portray a game that is often very far from the finished product that paying consumers can get. The Mirror’s Edge debut trailer is exactly what it says on the tin. All in game footage, and the players responded.

Mirror’s Edge is a first person parkour game, with a little bit of hand to hand combat and shooting, from the team that created the Battlefield series. Mirror’s Edge was popular for its gorgeous visuals; a modern trend with bright block colours, minimalist architecture and a dystopian vision of the future. The game itself was incredibly fast paced; with many of the in game achievements rewarding players who mastered the game’s controls and levels to an impossible degree.