Clubland brand, remixed music; where is it heading?

The Clubland brand of music has been around for about 13 years now, and has mostly is a remix of the latest tracks to come from popular artists; also known to be club/party Music and the sounds of Ibiza from a variant of artists and featured artists.

Most of their music has evolved to the point where they plump up the albums with older songs that have heavily been remixed; they repeat some of the most annoying songs across many album releases to add their own stamp to it, and it’s killing the brand and losing the market of people who listen to Clubland. It becomes hard to find fresh/new songs out of all the tracks; at best you often find about 10 out of 28 tracks on each CD.

So when you filter out the repeated rubbish, you find some really awesome tracks of a song that have really been remixed well, and sometimes it’s even better that the original.

The question is; for roughly 30 good songs out of roughly 86 per album, is it still worth the money buying Clubland brand CD’s/Music?

The answer to that question depends on whether you are ok spending £4.99 on a declining brand, and hope there is at least 10 good songs on each CD; or whether you’re ok looking for some of the same good songs scattered on YouTube for free. On the upside, buying it from Amazon you get the Auto-Rip service and can pick and choose the songs you like; they also send the CD in the post, even though most people don’t play CD’s anymore.