Detroit: Become Human – Better than its Predecessors?

Detroit: Become Human is the new title from French developers Quantic Dream. Having previously released Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, gamers weren’t hopeful about this new title – these games received pretty bad press from the off. However, this new title might just have something going for it.

The main premise of the story is an adventure, where there are various scenarios for the player to choose from. There are three central characters who dominate the story and gameplay switches between them, so it can feel a little bit confusing. The worlds also aren’t always very well constructed, but the graphics really add something to it. The story is absorbing – each decision you make can take the game in a whole new direction.

Detroit: Become Human has much more substance than its predecessors and the story is designed to draw you in, whatever the outcome. It is available to buy as of tomorrow on PlayStation 4.