UK Games Market Continues to Grow

The games market in the UK has often been known to defy trends and keep growing, even when money is tight. Once again, it has continued to expand despite inflation, which is causing the average UK person to have less money in their pocket. Trade body UK Interactive Entertainment report that there was 12.4% of growth from 2016 – another great success for the gaming industry. Whilst other industries have suffered, gaming has got ever more popular.

Game software and digital games were the main attraction, bringing in most of the sales. However, there was also growth in boxed games, perhaps due to the popularity of titles like Fifa 18, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

It is thought that one of the main reasons for this rise in sales is the diversity of the market. There are many different game genres that appeal to people across the board, and that can be played on many different consoles.