Skate 3 – Not Just for Skaters

Skate 3 has proved to be popular hit so far on the Xbox 360, and it’s not necessarily a game that can just be fun to play for skaters.

You have the option to enter the story mode or play against people online and the game allows you to build a skate crew and get involved in team-play skating. It really gives gamers a good insight into skating, because it’s not just about high quality graphics, there’s a certain feel for the competition involved in street skating, and the whole game is centred on streets, crews and astonishing tricks.

If it’s not the tricks that get you excited about skating then don’t worry because you still have the chance to build your own skate park and create your own videos and graphics. Skate 3 is not just for those who love skating, it’s a game that can be enjoyed by many different gamers, and it can be picked up at a reduced price.