Why the Legend of Spyro ruined the Original Trilogy

Spyro was a huge success on the original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 for that matter. There was certain a good fan base there and the Legend of Spyro certainly did not live up to a lot of gamer’s expectations.

So what made the Legend of Spyro Worse than the original trilogy?

The Legend of Spyro was dark, and it the gameplay was different, and overall it felt completely different to the originals. The scenery wasn’t the happy world that Spyro used to live in, and all of these factors made it a failure. It certainly had good sales, but it will not live long in the memory, well not for the right reasons anyway.

Many hope that the Legend of Spyro won’t be the last addition, but there has not been any solid plan for a new game, and that’s disappointing. Spyro fans will be calling for new versions of the original trilogy and we don’t see why it shouldn’t be created, it will certainly be a big hit, plus people love going back and being able to play their old games and Spyro is no different.