Super Play Magazine Revived for One Issue

Fans of the 90s magazine Super Play will be delighted to know that the magazine is coming back – but just for one issues. The popular gaming magazine will be returning to help celebrate the launch of the Super Ninetendo Entertainment Systems Mini version.

In the 1990s, Super Play was known for being one of the only mainstream gaming magazine to really get inside Japanese anime culture. It was focused on SNES and would always feature an arty cover by the same illustrator, which made it something of a classic.

The special edition of the magazine is due out on the 7th September. The cover story is going to be about Star Fox 2, which is a currently unreleased SNED game that will be released for the SNES Mini.

Many game fans are much happier getting their game news from a magazine like Super Play. It is just a one off though… for now.