This War of Mine: War never changes

Games do a lot of things extremely poorly. Representations of women, handling romance and even portrayals of morality are demonstrated in very primitive ways. It boils down, though, to “serious” things. Videogames are, almost all of the time, very bad at portraying any serious issues. This War of Mine, from 11 bit studios, is a game about war. Not in the typical videogame way though. This is not about shooting, about mowing down hundreds of enemies and looking cool while doing it. This is a game about real people, with real names, surviving in a conflict zone.

You are given three survivors to start with and it is your job to, by whatever means necessary, keep them alive. All of a sudden you start doing things that make you uneasy; robbing from others, threatening other people for supplies and, very occasionally, killing them for what they have. This War of Mine feels like a step in the right direction.