Titanfall gameplay – the world!

In Titanfall the game maps can have a hint of generic industrial sci-fi – which is unfortunate. However, you’ll be kept so busy in game play you may not notice. Here are just a couple of the maps we have been impressed by:

  • Crumbling star cruiser – there is a mass of corridors and chambers to create this complex labyrinth of open spaces! This corporate facility becomes a major battleground and when in ‘Hardpoint-mode’ ‘Specters’ are spat out by the robotic assembly modules!
  • Boneyard – unfortunately the local fauna aren’t too involved in the action, but this doesn’t distract from the highpoint of the added lizards – that fly! These soar around whilst the game is in action creating a more creative atmosphere!

The narrative isn’t the games high point, but the addictive gameplay certainly is. With the ability to improve – new gear becoming available to your character and the new challenges set by each level, your sure to be hooked.