Titanfall – to play or not to play…?

This first person shooter is not what we would consider revolutionary, but more evolutionary. We haven’t come across a first person shooter (FPS) game that has been able to combine two scales of action (of the pilot and the titan) so successfully or fluently. The ease and speed of movement between these is fantastic. The balance of the game works perfectly, from the Titans to the maps, the game is wonderful to play and rather addictive. However, we hope to see them excel in a sequel to improve the narrative. Respawn Entertainment has successfully brought parkour to the table in Titanfall with its wall-running, double-jumping, jet-packing pilots exploring this world in such a way that you’re reminded more of superhero games than Call of Duty. Playing as the Pilot is certainly not second to being the Titan. With the act of surprise you can really enjoy being in this gameplay – from sprinting up a wall and diving through a window to attack the enemy to chaining together jumps and wall-runs to explore the highest reachable points of the map, your adrenaline will spike!